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Tenant must haves in Brisbane Real Estate

5 tips to make your property more attractive to potential Tenants in Brisbane


If you are in the process of purchasing an investment property or are currently a landlord and have been having a difficult time renting your property or would like to know what you can do make your asset more appealing to tenants, here are my 5 top tips on inclusions;


1. A well-maintained property:

It all starts here. Spending a little amount each year if necessary to ensure your property does not look run down after a few years. Things such as; replacing silicone in wet areas, shower and tap fittings, servicing air conditioners and blinds when due, getting gutters cleaned, external house washing etc.


  • Attract good, long term tenants who will want to look after the property
  • Potential to increase rent in line with the rental market each year


2. Allowing pets:

Nearly 6 in 10 households in Queensland currently keep a pet. A lot of landlords I speak with have a fear factor of allowing pets because they might destroy your investment property. The majority of tenants looking for rental properties are pet owners and having a ‘no pet policy’ can have a negative impact on your investment especially in times of high vacancy. Speak with your agent on what their processes are if pets damage your property. At Flourish Homes in Brisbane, we have a pet policy to protect your asset whilst also allowing your tenant to enjoy your property as a pet owner.


  • Reduced vacancy period and tenants with pets are sometimes willing to offer slightly higher rent
  • End up being long term tenants in most cases
  • Click here to see proposed changes for renting with pets in Queensland.


3. Air Conditioning:

As beautiful as the weather is in Brisbane, QLD summers are one of the worst in the country. We know that showing properties for rent during a Brisbane summer without Air Conditioning is almost torture for us.  It’s not a pleasant sight as an agent watching prospective tenants feel uncomfortably hot at the open home.


  • Add’s value to your asset
  • Potentially increases your rental return


4. Security Screens:

A large percentage of interstate and overseas tenants are relocating to Brisbane and aren’t familiar with the hundreds of bugs and insects we have. This seems to be on almost every tenant’s checklist.


  • Reducing vacancy periods by making your property more appealing
  • Offers comfort, peace of mind and security
  • Assists tenants with no fuss contents insurance if their home has security screens or lockable windows


5. Dishwasher:

Often overlooked in investment properties, but you can install a dishwasher for a small price of approx. $500. Whilst some landlords may not require one in their homes, I find that this is on every tenant’s ‘needs and wants‘ list.


  • This is a small outlay to make your property more attractive to tenants
  • Adds value to your investment and can potentially earn you an extra $260 – $520 in a year.


All of the above are low to no cost and are tax-deductible. These small items/improvements minimise vacancies, allow your property to be tenanted faster and at the same time add to the overall value of your property.

For more information on how to maximise your investment in Brisbane please get in touch with me today. Our Team at Flourish Homes in Brisbane are the experts in Property Management so please take advantage of our many years of experience by calling us and allowing us to provide you up to date information about your property in today’s marketplace.


Ranita Patel Flourish Homes Brisbane

Ranita Patel
Flourish Homes

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