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Ranita Patel

Introducing the heart and soul behind Flourish Homes, Ranita. With an unwavering passion for providing the best property management business in Brisbane. Since 2007, this visionary entrepreneur has been on a remarkable journey, driven by a profound commitment to people and their property ventures. It was through this dedication that Flourish Homes was born, with a resolute motto of “People Before Property.” In this founder’s eyes, the focus is not on bricks and mortar; it’s on nurturing meaningful relationships with clients and tenants alike.

  • A Journey of Purpose: The idea of Flourish Homes took root in 2017, ignited by Ranita’s heartfelt desire to build a property management business that priorities the people behind the properties. From the very beginning, this mission became a guiding force, shaping the foundation of Flourish Homes.
  • A Compassionate Why: Beyond business aspirations, Ranita’s “Why” is a beacon of compassion. Driven to help less fortunate children, the ultimate goal is to create loving homes where they are cared for, educated, and surrounded by love. The vision of building orphanages is a testament to the profound impact Flourish Homes seeks to create.
  • Fostering Relationships: For Ranita, property management is about fostering relationships, not merely managing properties. This philosophy permeates every aspect of the business, with the aim to create positive and lasting connections with clients, tenants, and the community.
  • Hobbies that Fuel the Soul: When not dedicated to Flourish Homes, Ranita finds solace in spending quality time with family, exploring new destinations through travel, indulging in a passion for movies, socialising with friends and trying new restaurants, savouring the beauty of wine, and nourishing the mind with the joy of reading.

With a heart full of purpose and a genuine commitment to people and their property journeys, Ranita is an inspiring force in the industry. By putting People Before Property, the vision is not only to provide exceptional property management services but to create a better world, one caring home at a time

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